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Whether you are looking for complete electrolyzer systems with BOP, or design solutions for hydrogen production plants, or additional peripheral components, we are confident we can provide you with the right solutions. Please select from the following:

01 Comprehensive Electrolyzer Systems

02 BOP & Auxiliary Components

03 Green Hydrogen Plant Solutions

Comprehensive Solution with Integrated BOP

Complete Systems

A turnkey and well-integrated hydrogen production solution

Hygreen electrolyzer systems go above-and-beyond the stack level, by offering full systems that include balance-of-plant as well as auxiliary components.
Parts & Components

BOP & Auxiliary Components

In addition to a strong supply chain, Hygreen Energy also manufactures system-level components in-house. This ensure optimal integration with our stacks for overall systems.

BOP Components

In addition to a strong supply chain, Hygreen also manufactures system-level components in-house, to ensure optimal integration with our stacks to offer more comprehensive solutions.

Auxiliary Components

Including but not limited to air compressors, water cooling systems and water purification systems.

For Large-Scale Production

Green Hydrogen Plant Solutions

By combining electrolyzer stacks within a larger comprehensive design with shared BOP, Hygreen Energy offers design solutions for green hydrogen production plants to achieve production of 100 MW or more.

Sample Configuration for 100 MW

Stack Configuration

20 MW x 5
5 MW x 10

BOP Configuration
20 MW x 5
Hydrogen Production
Tonnes per day

Reference Projects

5MW Electrolyser for Large-Scale Green Hydrogen Projects

1000Nm3/h Alkaline Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Generation Project


Place & COD Year


Power Electronics


Hunan Province, XX

Hydrogen Generation Capacity

≥ 1000Nm3 / h

Hydrogen Purity (volume ratio)

≥ 99.999%

Hydrogen Delivery Temperature

< 40˚C

Hydrogen Dew Point

≤ -50˚C

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