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Proton-exchange membrane technology features high efficiency, rapid response time, high output pressure, and low power consumption. We offer plants tailored to customer needs and also containerized solutions.
Dew Point


Stack Size
Up to 1.5 MW
Operating Range

5% - 110%


Product Advantages

The Power of Hygreen's PEM Electrolyzers

Fast Response Times

Ability to respond in less than 3 seconds for ensuring operational versatility.

High Efficiency

With a 4.3 kWh/Nm³ standard DC power consumption configuration, and customizable designs to achieve optimal efficiency for your needs.

Proven & Scalable

Having executed PEM electrolyzer projects over 1 Megawatt, our electrolyzers are well proven in commercial operations.

Compact Configurations

With containerized solutions that are compact, well-tested and durable.

Wide Operating Range

Suitable for managing intermittency and load variability, with operation available between 5% and 110%.

Safe Operation

With remote monitoring, automatic safety mechanisms and fault diagnosis, our electrolyzers are designed with redundancies to ensure human and machine safety.

Unlocking Performance

Key Parameters


Project Reference

China's First MW-Level PEM H2 Project


Anhui, 2019


H2 Utilization Demo Project


Hygreen Alkaline HGPS 200

Production Scale

220 Nm³/h (1.1 MW)

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