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Discover Our World-Leading Electrolyzer Solutions for Green Hydrogen

Hygreen Energy is a world leading electrolyzer manufacturer, offering comprehensive solutions to green hydrogen production. We specialize in both Alkaline and PEM electrolyzer technologies, and our electrolyzers are widely used across industrial, power and mobility sectors. Trusted by customers worldwide, our products are extensively proven by hundreds of electrolyzer systems actively used in-field by customers around the world.

Our electrolyzer stacks and systems are robustly built to the highest safety and reliability standards, and rigorously tested to meet international compliance and certification requirements. With our state-of-the-art manufacturing and production facilities spanning over 40,000 square meters, and largely automated assembly lines, Hygreen Energy has an unmatched ability to deliver products built to the highest quality and optimal performance.  Moreover, with our 17 years of experience, Hygreen engineers are some of the world’s most experienced technicians, supporting EPCs and project developers from product selection and integration engineering to installation guidance, commissioning support and more.

Hygreen continues to be an industry leader by advancing our technology research and development. We have secured over 60 patents to date, producing a wide array of proprietary technology across the electrolyzer system. By offering an unmatched combination of efficiency, safety, cost, durability and modularity, we believe we can truly enable our clean energy transition. Say hello to a greener future.




Sold and Delivered to Clients Across 5 Continents



Technology Design Patents Spanning From Stack to BOP

Annual Manufacturing Capacity of 2 GW in 2024, Reaching 5 GW by 2025

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Hydrogen Production, Green Energy, Renewable Energy, Clean Tech

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Industrial, Chemical, Energy Storage, Mobility, Solar, Wind, Power

Electrolyzer Technology

Alkaline, PEM, AEM


Beijing, Madrid, Toronto, Dubai, Hong Kong

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