SinoHy Amalgamated Under Hygreen Energy in Strategic Expansion to Global Hydrogen and Electrolyzer Markets

SinoHy Amalgamated Under Hygreen Energy in Strategic Expansion to Global Hydrogen and Electrolyzer Markets

Leading Electrolyzer Manufacturer from China is Repositioning for Global Markets

Beijing, China and Madrid, Spain – June 27, 2024Hygreen Energy (“Hygreen” or “the Company”), a global electrolyzer supplier for green hydrogen production, is pleased to announce the completion of its amalgamation of Beijing SinoHy Energy Co., Ltd. (“SinoHy”). The transition will reposition the Company to become a major player in global hydrogen markets, and foster Hygreen Energy’s growth as a leading electrolyzer manufacturer internationally.

SinoHy brings over 17 years of electrolyzer manufacturing experience and a solid track record of supplying electrolyzer solutions primarily in the Chinese market, where the hydrogen sector has seen strong demand.  Its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Shandong, China spans over 40,000 square meters with largely automated production lines, and is currently capable of 2 Gigawatts of annual production capacity.

With the growth of the hydrogen and renewable energy sectors in recent years, Hygreen Energy is well-positioned to leverage its years of experience to address the overseas electrolyzer market, which is expected to grow at 83% CAGR, to a global market size of 431 GW by 2030.

This transition will see Hygreen Energy transform the company’s global competitiveness with strategic investments, partnerships, product positioning, marketing, localized regional manufacturing, technical support, and technology development.

The transition will also include forming a new organizational structure to better serve the Company’s customers, partners and hydrogen projects around the world. This includes establishment of new offices and staffing in key locations around the world to broaden business development and technical support functions within different regions of the world, including Madrid, Toronto, Dubai, Hong Kong and more.

In conjunction with the Company’s new global structure, Hygreen Energy has also secured a number of international partnerships and strategic hires to enable the Company’s global expansion. This includes:

  • Javier Romero – Key Shareholder and Board Director
    • Former World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank, and renowned leader in capital, strategy and management of clean technology companies
  • Marcelino Oreja – Chairman, EMEA
    • Former CEO of Enagas, member of European Parliament, and extensive leadership success in biogas, energy and hydrogen sectors
  • Daniel Salamanca – Managing Director, EMEA
    • Over 20 years of success in renewable energy and environment industries across Europe and South America
  • Alan Tan – Vice President, Global Business Development
    • Former Vice President of electrolyzer manufacturer Next Hydrogen with extensive business development experience
  • Ethan Hugh – Global Marketing Director
    • Over 20 years of experience in hydrogen, fuel cell and mobility sectors, including Loop Energy’s expansion to global markets
  • Ayman Monged – Director of Sales, North America
    • Over 30 years of experience in hydrogen and new energy, including Cummins-owned Hydrogenics
  • Jon Pemberton – Representation & Market Development in Australia (Zest Energy)
    • Renowned in Australia for 20+ years of leadership in renewable energy, hydrogen and energy storage solutions.
  • Markus Lehmann – Representation & Market Development in Brazil (Navigatio GH2)
    • Leader in capital, strategy and development of new energy infrastructure projects in solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, hydrogen across Latin America

This broader global leadership strategically complements the executive team from SinoHy, who bring extensive electrolyzer manufacturing experience and management strength led by CEO Benny Wang. The executive management team brings decades of experience in electrolyzer production, technology development, technical support and day-to-day operations of an electrolyzer business. With over 300 electrolyzer projects executed, SinoHy’s executive team will transition to lead Hygreen Energy to its next levels of growth.

The Company’s product offerings are manufactured to certification and compliance requirements across different regional specifications around the world, and the Company is already supplying electrolyzers to customers across four continents to date. Moreover, Hygreen Energy’s technology expertise and product offerings will expand to AEM in addition to alkaline and PEM, and the Company’s manufacturing capacity is on track to increase to 5 Gigawatts in 2025, with further automation of manufacturing to better support its growing customer base.

Hygreen Energy’s Chief Executive Officer, Benny Wang said, “With our growth internationally, we are repositioning ourselves to be more competitive in global markets, including a range of strategic and operational improvements to better serve our clients, partners and projects around the world. The new Hygreen Energy brand reflects our transition to support and thrive in the rapidly-growing global hydrogen market, as we say hello to a greener future.”

About Hygreen Energy

Hygreen Energy is a world leading electrolyzer manufacturer that offers comprehensive solutions to green hydrogen production. Specializing in Alkaline and PEM technologies, Hygreen electrolyzers are rigorously tested and proven with extensive in-field usage, and we continue to advance our technologies with the development of AEM electrolyzers. With over 17 years of experience and over 300 electrolyzer projects under its belt, Hygreen engineers are some of the world’s most experienced experts in supporting EPCs and hydrogen project developers.  By reshaping the electrolyzer industry with an unmatched combination of efficiency, safety, cost, durability and modularity, Hygreen Energy is enabling our clean energy transition with electrolyzers that are now in use by customers worldwide. Say hello to a greener future with Hygreen Energy. Visit us at

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