Company Profile

Porpularize green hydrogen energy for a decarbonized planet.

Hygreen Energy, a key Electrolyzer Designer & Manufacturer in the world, dedicated all talents and finance to green hydrogen generating technology up to 16 years with the electrolysis serving all continents.

With office of presence in Spain, Austrlia, Canada, UAE and China Hong Kong. 

Our team and proven electrolysis ensured you a reliable system and immediate service.

We have 3 technologies, ALK, PEM, AEM. 

Connecting with Renewable electricity of wind farm and PV, we committed our customer the most competitive LCOH by our ALK&PEM electrolytes.

High efficiency, reliable operation, immediate response, and best ROI, Hygreen Energy always at you hands.


16yers History

1 GW

Annual Deliver Capacity



300 +



896,000t annual CO2 emission reduction

Donations for humanitarian causes of the Red Cross Society of China

China Disaster Relief& Rescue Donation