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Marketing Director
Market Planning: Formulate the company's overall marketing plan; meanwhile, coordinate the overall products publicity, promotion and its organization and implementation in the international & domestic market; including materials, exhibitions, publicity strategies, etc. Information Collecting & Analyzing: Lead team members to collect and analyze international & domestic industry market information, collect market demand information that can guide product planning and R&D directions, etc. timely give feedback of product R&D progress and product technical information to the frontier marketing team. Market Forecast: track industry, product, and market project information, analyze, forecast and provide the company with medium and long-term order forecast and large project analysis reports, and be responsible for the accuracy of the forecast.
International Sales
Participate in making international market development plans, ensure the specific implementation of the plans, propose adjustment plans and market information feedback accordingly. Responsible for trade business operations (including negotiation, signing, documents review, order management, transportation, customs declaration, foreign exchange collection, etc.) and risk control. Responsible for the development of new customers and the maintenance of old customers, rationally use the company's CRM customer management software, establish customer data files at all levels, and maintain two-way effective communication with customers.
International Marketing Operations
Suggest and assist in formulating a complete marketing plan, build relevant marketing channels based on the company's overall marketing strategy and goals. Summarize and analyze product keywords, learn and master the rules and methods of channel promotion and ranking of relevant platforms, optimize promotion quality, etc.; Responsible for the collection, statistics, and analysis of relevant issues and data, and carry out the advancement and improvement in an orderly manner.