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Seminar on Hydrogen Energy Development and Investment Opportunities in the Context of Carbon Neutrality was successfully held

In the context of carbon neutrality, China’s energy structure will gradually transition from fossil energy to clean energy. Hydrogen energy has the advantages of high calorific value, environmental friendliness and extensiveness. It is also an important alternative energy source in the process of crude oil substitution and energy decarbonization, with great scope for development. The development of hydrogen energy plays an indispensable role in deep decarbonization, energy saving and emission reduction, and energy efficiency improvement, etc. On 10 January 2023, an online salon event “Seminar on Hydrogen Energy Development and Investment Opportunities in the Context of Carbon Neutrality” was successfully held, hosted by Tsinghua University Global Private Equity Institute. The event invited relevant industry experts, scholars and enterprise representatives to analyze the current development status of the hydrogen energy industry at home and abroad from multiple levels and angles, and to discuss the future prospects and development trends of hydrogen energy. Mr. Wang Dejun, Chairman and General Manager of Beijing SinoHy Energy Co., Ltd. attended the event as a guest speaker and delivered a keynote speech “Way to Economic Green Hydrogen”.



At the conference, Chairman Wang Dejun, as a senior expert in the electrolytic water to hydrogen industry for nearly 20 years, with his in-depth understanding of water electrolysis for hydrogen storage applications. He shared the European green hydrogen and China’s green hydrogen standards, and how green hydrogen projects include a combination of key elements such as electricity price, hydrogen production time/equipment utilization, electrolyser equipment cost and operation cost to achieve hydrogen economy.


At the same time, he explained that the original purpose of developing hydrogen energy is to reduce pollution emissions and greenhouse gas emissions, while the so-called green hydrogen is a pure green new energy source that produces hydrogen by electrolysis of water through renewable energy generation. It is a purely green new energy source. If green hydrogen is to be truly developed on a large scale and commercially, and to promote the development of hydrogen production from renewable energy, there is still a need to further explore a more viable economic path. Finally, he shared the company’s current technological innovation in the field of hydrogen generation from water electrolysis, the 5MW green hydrogen product developed independently, the future development trend of the green hydrogen technology route and the overall development of the company.